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Waterproofing is an important part of construction. It is also a critical part of the project. Wetsuit® family of products supply a global solution to the needs for waterproofing being vertical or horizontal, below grade, split slabs, or more specific for waterproofing shower pans, Wetsuit® brings a solution of high performance. Wetsuit® is a one stop solution for all the needs of waterproofing of a construction project. It can be used for containment (after confirmation of compatibility with the substances to be contained) and even ponds or fountains. Its adaptability allows to use it both outdoor and indoor (for shower pans waterproofing by example).

Vertical Waterproofing (Below Grade or above Grade)

Wetsuit® is particularly well adapted to all situation of vertical waterproofing with the following benefits:

Instant Set

Wetsuit®’s two component mixture gives a rapid set within 3 seconds, allowing any mil thickness to be sprayed vertically without any running or sagging.

Cold Applied

Membrane is cold sprayed applied; eliminating torches and kettle hazards, while allowing easy vertical installs.

Environmentally Friendly

All water based means no VOC restrictions.

Monolithic Membrane

The tough, seamless and fully adhered coating results in a difficult to puncture surface. Water is restricted from lateral migration between the wall and membrane during the back ling process.

Cold Resistance

Wetsuit® remains flexible down to -30°F; ideal at the freeze/thaw line. Also has excellent elongation and recovery.

Horizontal Waterproofing

Wetsuit® offers highly performing solutions for waterproofing horizontal surfaces, like Plazza Decks and Ponds, fountains, etc. with the following benefits:

Dead Level Applications

The Wetsuit® membrane has been used in fountains, planters and ponds. It has performed well in submerged and wet conditions where contact with water is constant. This type of application is fully warrantable.

Rapid Application

With a cold spray applied production of 1500 sq feet per hour with a crew of three and a 250 ft hose mounted cart for easy access to difficult areas, Wetsuit® membrane is quick and easy to install.

Any Thickness in One Coat

Wetsuit® can be installed at a minimum of 100 dry mil (over 40% thicker than most other membranes); effectively bridging cracks and substrate irregularities. In addition, the membrane ashes easily.

UV Stable

Unlike other fluid applied membranes, Wetsuit® can be exposed indefinitely without UV damage. Therefore, construction can proceed at it’s own pace.

New Construction or Restoration

Wetsuit® is the ideal choice for both new and renovation projects. The membrane can cover and adhere to a variety of existing surfaces. It’s the best choice for phased construction with little to zero slope and difficult detailing.

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