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pdf Louisville, Kentucky: Cardiovascular Institute Popular

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The University of Louisville’s new cardiovascular facility demanded a flawless execution in between slab waterproofing due to the importance of the habitable hospital space beneath the sidewalk. The WetSuit membrane, expertly installed by the local AES Specialty Contractors, delivered premium properties such as seamless, VOC free cold spray application, full and dynamic bond, and resistance to hydrostatic pressure.

pdf Specialty Case Study: City of Bendigo Popular

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The City of Bendigo in Victoria Australia’s Chinese Ponds are a central feature of the area and a premier regional tourist attraction. Built by the descendants of Chinese family’s who arrived during the gold rush years. The entire district was in the 9th year of what became the worst recorded drought since records were kept. Local water storages were down to 3% of capacity so water was more important than gold. However over time the pond walls have deteriorated and the substrate base has cracked resulting in substantial seepage and water loss.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Army Corp of Engineers Popular

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A constant stream of dirty military vehicles pass through the Stryker wash facility to be cleaned. The mud, water and salts pose an accelerated corrosion risk to the metal and concrete walls and conduit. The WetSuit System was used to seamlessly encapsulate the entire interior of the wash room. This provided corrosion protection and waterproofing simultaneously. Top coated with a white self washing surface coat, the wash room is now a bright, well lit and rubberized space.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Boyd’s Hot Springs Popular

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Project Name: Residence Location: Boyd’s Hot Springs Architect: Symbios Holistic Design WetSuit Applicator: Aquastop Year Completed: 2006 Square Footage: 3400

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Casa Margarita Popular

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Designed by Mexican based architects Legorreta & Legorreta, the beautiful twin towers of Casa Margarita are one of the most modern structures in Guatemala City. Two pools, located on the 11th floor, as well as fountains and planters, set high waterproofing demands, due to movement and water displacement caused by frequent earthquakes. The WetSuit membrane was chosen due to its 1600% elongation, full recovery, and monolithic, tenacious adhesion, premium properties that allow the membrane to move with the substrate during earthquakes.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Edenwood Popular

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The below grade wall at Edenwood Business Park had been leaking for years and WetSuit was selected as the waterproofing of choice due to its monolithic and fully bonded properties. Installed by expert craftsmen such as Dalco Roofing, the WetSuit membrane’s ability to withstand high amounts of hydrostatic pressure and 1600% elongation, insure the building will remain water tight for years to come.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Grass Valley Storage Popular

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Storage units built into a clay hillside required superior waterproofing to protect clients stored assets. Excessive water percolating through the hillside placed high hydrostatic pressure against the unit walls. The WetSuit membrane, applied at 100 mil vertically in one coat, provided a seamless and highly flexible membrane that will protect assets for decades. The membranes tenacious bond and high puncture resistance also make it very difficult to damage, a key feature during the backfilling process as membranes are most often damaged by tractor buckets as the trenches are re-filled with soil and rock.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Mormon Church Popular

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Over concrete A new Mormon Church was constructed in the high mountain village of Quetzaltenango, Guatemala, a wet and often cold environment. Due to the cold and humid external air, the WetSuit System was selected as an interior impermeable air/vapor to stop the movement of water vapor and greatly increase the energy efficiency of the building by limiting the demands of the HVAC.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Northwestern Mutual Popular

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Project Name: Northwestern Mutual Location: Milwaukee, WI WetSuit Applicator: Langer Roofing Year Completed: 2006 Square Footage: 3000

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Pond at Neptune Coatings Popular

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Project Name: Pond at Neptune Coatings Location: Neptune Coatings - Grass Valley, California WetSuit Applicator: Neptune Coatings Year Completed: 2004 Square Footage: 300

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: San Francisco Library Popular

Download (pdf, 2.48 MB)


Cracks forming in the library’s relatively new stucco wall were allowing water to leak into the interior and onto the backside of bookcases. In lieu of replacing the stucco system, WetSuit® membrane was sprayed to a 60 mil dry film thickness and surface coated with a color matched acrylic elastomeric. The seamless system was then water tested and the wall remains dry even after many rainstorms. The rapid installation and effectiveness of the WetSuit® proved much more cost effective than a conventional stucco replacement, while still retaining a similar appearance. Additionally, the WetSuit’s high elongation will insure that cracking will never be an issue again.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: West End Popular

Download (pdf, 483 KB)


Waterproofing the new high end retail and residential 38 acre site in Minneapolis was a massive undertaking. The WetSuit® membrane was chosen for it’s ease of application due to its spray system delivery as the deep below grade vertical walls were accessed by surrounding sand hills. This difficult terrain posed numerous hazards to hot rubber systems. Laborers would literally be forced to “Billy Goat” the terrain with pails of melting hot rubber, as Tom Wickstrom, CEO of Spec 7 Group stated. Spray delivery allowed rapid, and safe, installation of monolithic WetSuit® membrane. Additionally, multiple truck courtyards were waterproofed in between slab applications. We thank Spec 7 Group for their true grit and determination throughout difficult weather and unforeseen challenges.

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: Wine Cellar Popular

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Project Name: Wine Cellar in Residence Location: Lake Tahoe, California WetSuit Applicator: Smallman Roofing and Waterproofing Year Completed: 2007 Square Footage: 1000

pdf Waterproofing Case Study: World Kitchen Popular

Download (pdf, 674 KB)


Perhaps best known for their brand of cookware , Corningware, World Kitchens manufacturing facility was being attacked by steam produced internally during production. The steam generated from the rapid cooling of hot cookware submerged in water, was aggressively corroding the steel I beams and ceiling, causing frequent, and expensive, replacement. The WetSuit system was specified to protect the steel infrastructure for the long term. After a rapid installation, the coated surfaces were finished with a high quality white elastomeric that both brightened up the interior and provided a washable surface. Additionally, the plants aged modified bitumen roof began restoration with the WetSuit System., transforming into a seamless, fire,hail and slip resistant roof that can be sustained for years to come. We thank World Kitchen for their decision to invest in the WetSuit System.
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