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pdf Roofing Case Study: Blue Cross / Blue Shield Popular

Download (pdf, 945 KB)


A major renovation at the Blue Cross / Blue Shield headquarters in Detroit, called for half their existing parking garage to be removed as well as the 5th floor. The remaining 45,000 sq.ft. 4th floor became the new roof. WetSuit was chosen for its monolithic coverage, limited maintenance, and an FM wind uplift of Class 1-990 over concrete.

pdf Roofing Case Study: Bret Harte Inn Popular

Download (pdf, 1.01 MB)


The long time owners were looking to re roof two of the three roofs on the building. For the first floor roof, they were interested in a green roof system for the tenants to look out onto a garden roof. On the fifth floor roof, there were numerous leaks and buckling in the existing roof systems.

pdf Roofing Case Study: Coleman Residence Popular

Download (pdf, 419 KB)


Project Name: Coleman Residence Location: Santa Rosa, California WetSuit Applicator: Blue Turtle Roofing Year Completed: 2008 Square Footage: 3,000

pdf Roofing Case Study: College View Apartments Popular

Download (pdf, 454 KB)


Project Name: College View Apartments Location: Oklahoma City, OK WetSuit Applicator: In House Year Completed: 2007 to present Square Footage: 40,000

pdf Roofing Case Study: Comerica Bank Popular

Download (pdf, 653 KB)


Project Name: Comerica Bank Location: Throughout Michigan WetSuit Applicator: Schreiber Corp. Year Completed: 2007 Square Footage: 15,000 sq. ft. total

pdf Roofing Case Study: Denny’s Popular

Download (pdf, 447 KB)


Project Name: Denny’s Location: Fremont, California WetSuit Applicator: Neptune Coatings Year Completed: 2003 Square Footage: 5,000

pdf Roofing Case Study: Detroit Opera House Popular

Download (pdf, 738 KB)


An epdm blow off at the Detroit Opera House left the stage vulnerable to bad acting weather. Scheiber Corp. Roofing and Sheet Metal installed the WetSuit® Membrane over 100 mils thick over USG’s gypsum facer less recover board, Securock®. Work was completed on time, and the historic building protected once again from the elements.

pdf Roofing Case Study: DMV Popular

Download (pdf, 433 KB)


Project Name: DMV Location: Truckee, California Owner: Burge Pacific WetSuit Applicator: Smallman Roofing Year Completed: 2004 Square Footage: 23,000

pdf Roofing Case Study: Easton Popular

Download (pdf, 396 KB)


Project Name: Easton Location: Boston, MA WetSuit Applicator: WW Builders Year Completed: 2007 Square Footage: 30,000

pdf Roofing Case Study: Eichler Home Popular

Download (pdf, 901 KB)


An innovative approach to pre-fabbed roofing incorporating panels of ISO insulation laminated to USG’s gypsum based roof cover board, Securock, with WetSuit One-Part. The panels were sprayed with a 60 mil WetSuit membrane, stacked on pallets, and dropped shipped to the job site. The panels were simply laid out over the roof deck, butted up, cut where needed, and mechanically fastened with a dab of sealant under the fastener plate. The seams were then stripped in with our reinforcement fabric, Invisilink, and saturated with WetSuit One-Part. Finally, the whole roof received a coat of 20 dry mil high quality acrylic elastomeric. Unfortunately, pictures of the last two steps were not provided.

pdf Roofing Case Study: Green Bay Packing Popular

Download (pdf, 472 KB)


Green Bay Packaging’s 20 year old EPDM roof system was falling apart at the seams, literally. The glued seams were opening up and allowing water to enter the system. They were also experiencing punctures in the EPDM in heavy traffic areas. GBP was faced with tearing off and replacing the EPDM roof system that would cost them approximately $918,000. WetSuit provided them an option to recover the worst EPDM areas with a fluid applied, monolithic 60 mil rubber membrane, which has superior properties when compared to installing a new EPDM, TPO or PVC membrane.

pdf Roofing Case Study: Holiday Inn Popular

Download (pdf, 233 KB)


Colored aggregate was blown into the slow cure WetSuit One-Part to create a giant seamless shingle that matched the color on the shingles throughout the rest of the hotel.

pdf Roofing Case Study: Hughes Auto Body Popular

Download (pdf, 365 KB)


Project Name: Hughes Auto Body Location: Grass Valley, California WetSuit Applicator: Smallman Roofing Year Completed: 2004 Square Footage: 12,000

pdf Roofing Case Study: Lincoln Mercury Dealership Popular

Download (pdf, 458 KB)


The dealership’s panelled metal roof had been leaking for decades and a tear off, hot applied, or VOC fluid system were not options due to the inhabited office space below. Years of foot traffic had left many dents in the metal ribs that had rusted and cracked open allowing water direct access to the interior. WetSuit’s monolithic membrane provided a continual fully adhered seal to the metal while the membrane’s instant high build allowed the cracked dents, open seams, and fastener voids to be custom sprayed thicker. Top coated with a sustainable white acrylic, the roof became extremely energy efficient by reflecting the hot Texas sun and high emissivity of the metal.

pdf Roofing Case Study: Madeline Island Yacht Club Popular

Download (pdf, 266 KB)


Project Name: Madeline Island Yacht Club Location: La Pointe, WI WetSuit Applicator: Dalco Roofing Year Completed: 2008 Square Footage: 6800

pdf Roofing Case Study: Marshalls Department Store Popular

Download (pdf, 382 KB)


Project: Marshalls Department Store Location: Queens, New York WetSuit Applicator: Z-Restoration Year Completed: Square Footage:

pdf Roofing Case Study: Navy Air Station, Lemoore Popular

Download (pdf, 359 KB)


The hospital roof at the Navy Air Force base in Lemoore, California was approaching the end of its service life. Forward thinking architects on base took a proactive approach in line with J.F.K’s philosophy that “the time to fix your roof, is when it is not leaking,” and restored the roof with the WetSuit system before leaking ever began. The 80 mil WetSuit base provided dynamic waterproofing while the 40 mil white elastomeric, twice the industry standard for thickness, ensures years of reflectivity and energy savings in one of California’s hottest climates. Because of the occupants in the hospital, the water based, no VOC system, did not produce odors or safety concerns, and the install moved quietly along. We thank NAS Lemoore for specifying the WetSuit system!

pdf Roofing Case Study: Orocovis Popular

Download (pdf, 416 KB)


Project Name: Orocovis Location: Naranjito, Puerto Rico Property: Salud Integral en la Montaña Inc. WetSuit Applicator: JC Remodeling Owner: SIM Inc. Year Completed: 2008

pdf Roofing Case Study: Salmon Creek Falls Popular

Download (pdf, 1.95 MB)


The greatly anticipated Salmon Creek Environmental Center had a goal to become the first California public K-8 school to obtain a LEED Gold Certification. The water based, no VOC Wetsuit membrane was chosen to aid in the establishment of LEED points, but also to meet the demands inherent in the architecturally free flowing roof design. 100 dry mils of WetSuit was specified as well as 40 dry mils of the high quality white elastomeric, Eco-Therm, as a topcoat. The fluid applied membrane was installed directly to the plywood surface. Spray foam insulation was applied between the joists in the ceiling. The flat roof section will be a green roof planted with cuttings started by the students.

pdf Roofing Case Study: Seminary Woods Condominiums Popular

Download (pdf, 397 KB)


Project Name: Seminary Woods Condominiums Location: Louisville, Kentucky Owner: Seminary Woods, LLC Architect: JRA Architects General Contractor: FW Owens Company WetSuit Applicators: AES, LLC Specialties Contractors Year Completed: 2007 Square Footage: 9000
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