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WetSuit® Spraying equipment

The WetSuit® Spraying equipment allow to make the most from the innovative characteristics of the Wetsuit products like the instant set property. The Equipment is design to be durable and sustain the hard work of field application while integrating what is necessary of technology to allow a perfect application of the product. Its simplicity of use allow to train easily applicators to its use and to save time while spraying Wetsuit® product on a project.

The Wetsuit® Spraying Equipment includes


Wetsuit® 2 Part Spraying Equipment


Spray Gun

Pneumatically actuated 2 component hand gun equipped with .099 and .043 tungsten carbide spray tips

Hose Assembly

250’ jacketed hose consisting of:

  • Coating Product Hose
  • Accelerator Product Hose
  • Air Hose
  • Jacket

Weight / Dimensions

System Weight: 350 lbs
System Dimensions: 44” H x 28” W x 30” D
Packaged Shipping Weight: 550 lbs
Packaged Shipping Dimensions: 48” x 48” x 48”

Portable Cart

Welded tubular frame on 16” pneumatic wheels with rectangular control box equipped with panel mounted regulators, gauges and outlet valves.

Coating Pump

3:1 mechanical ratio 1” stainless steel double diaphragm pump, 26 G.P.M. maximum uid output, operational uid output of 2.5 G.P.M. Flush system with soap and water.

Accelerator Pump

1:1 mechanical ratio, 2 G.P.M. maximum uid output, operational uid output variable from 0 to .37 G.P.M.


Wetsuit® 1 Part Spraying Equipment

The 1 part Spraying system allows to spray small areas or small project from pails of Wetsuit 1 part. The System is composed of a pressure pot that can contain a pail of five gallons of Wetsuit 1 part and of a hose and gun specially designed. The system is fed by a compressor delivering 100 psi.



Wetsuit® Spraying Equipment Accessories


The extension arm allows the applicator to spray the Wetsuit 2 part with the Spraying system while keeping a more comfortable position. Particularly appreciated by applicators for large project requiring long hours of spraying. The 2 part gun have to be adapted to the extension

Extension + gun

Extension Gun

This accessory is identical to the extension, but integrate a 2 part gun already mounted on the extension arm, allowing to avoid the hassle of dismounting the gun to assemble it with the extension.


Leed certification
Roof Coatings
US patent